...Transforming Group Dynamics
Who We Are

Who We Are

Ensemble Force is born from a long history of impressive accomplishments. Our methods and abilities have been tested. They’ve evolved. And they succeed in bringing people together to transform their perspectives, increase their creativity and enthusiasm, and see greater value in their relationships to their work and one another

Our Roots

Ensemble Force has its roots in the performing arts. In 1992, David Deblinger co-founded the Labyrinth Theater Company, where he developed innovative ensemble-building programs that helped actors to build mutual trust and take creative risks.

Expanding the Vision

It soon became clear that this work could benefit groups of people outside the theater as well. At first, David adapted his programs for people living in temporary housing facilities who were looking to improve their job-seeking and life skills. He then applied his growing expertise to professional development for the New York City Department of Education, as well as various healthcare facilities, community centers, after school programs, and group homes.

Staying True to the Arts

While doing this work, David was also creating award-winning multimedia performance projects. These include video of his ensemble-building workshops that explore themes including community building, fatherhood, and violence prevention. Along the way he’s been blessed to work closely with some of this country’s greatest theater and film artists, including writer John Patrick Shanley and actor/director Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Client Testimonial

John Patrick Shanley (Pulitzer, Tony and Oscar winning writer/director)

"I had the privilege of working with David on three different shows. And in the course of those shows I found him to be an astonishing actor, filled with bravery, creativity and unexpected choices that kept the room spinning like a top. He’s, by nature, a kind of genial provocateur that causes a chemistry to happen between people that’s really something to behold."